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UV Light Water Purifier

Welcome to the UVC Light Water Purifier USB for XO

This project is intended to create and assess the viability of a UVC water purifier to be run from the USB outlet of the XO laptops. If the electrical problems noted below can be resolved, a working prototype can be built.


This project currently needs a 5 watt UVC LED bulb donated that will run on 5 volts. Or, the closest approximation...

Also, this project currently needs information assistance. There is an issue with the existing UVC bulb being 5 watt, but 110/220 volt. If anyone knows how to up-transform the 5 watts from the XO to 110/220, that would be great. It may also be possible to use two XO's, for an output of ~10 volts, to be up-transformed to 110/220 volts.

Also, if anyone would be interested in developing software for such a device, please begin your project and link to this one!

Please see the link under Project Members for basic information at this time. Please also see the blog at the other link for further information.

Project Members

Why This Project?

  • Because there is need for an emergency low-cost water-sterilizer in many countries. Current water sterilizers are too expensive. Also, with widescale deployment of the XO's, there will be a wide range of communities able to have these sterilizers on hand for emergencies. These sterilizers are meant to be a short-term solution for many areas. These areas can later use other methods of sterilization that take more time once their potable water supply is stabilized.
  • Because this project has educational uses, including for biological sciences, health sciences, and more. With the right programs, this device could have several academic applications including taking water temperature, obtaining water clarity, and possibly even measuring acidity/alkilinity.

Why ... ?

Because a low-cost emergency situation water purifier deployed to the same regions as the XO is a good and humanitarian idea.

  • And because students can learn about water quality, purity, potability, and more with such a developed device and supporting software.


These designs...

There is no visual design as of this time. Design will wait until a working prototype is developed. However, you may see the following blog for information:



Wires, light bulb, stuff.


Please see the following blog: [3]