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Game based eVideo for XO mesh networks

Project: Evaluation of video- and game based (e)learning scenarios. 
Contributors: Fabian Topfstedt,  Anja C. Wagner, Henrik Regensburg, Hans L. Cycon, WiseWoman 
Audience or impact: Teachers and students in schools, high schools, universities, and continuing 
education need dynamic learning scenarios for motivation. Some scenarios include the use of video   
and video conferencing. 
Brief description: The use of instructional video - especially with the possibility of including
localized subtitles or dubbed audio - provides an excellent platform for presenting international
open educational resources. Video conferencing allows direct, synchronous communication within 
classrooms or beyond classroom walls. We are developing new scenarios, sometimes called (e)learning
2.0, that includes video and video conferencing for educating learners using new technologies for 
personal needs. In order to motivate people to educate themselves, we are also investigating 
narrative and competitive structures from the gaming industry. We want to see if our video formats 
perform on the XO computers with their special displayes and evaluate different video conferencing 
tools to work with the wireless mesh network. 
Relevant experience & other projects: As an interdisciplinary project team in the context of a 
University for Applied Sciences, at the FHTW Berlin, we have acquired much experience in the 
area of video formats (also called codecs) and video conferencing and in their application in the 
area of (e)learning. Our most recent project is concerned with developing technical and 
methodological skills on the use of video and game based learning scenarios - using video and video
conferencing. See the eVideo Project Blog (in German). 
XOs needed: 1-3 for collaborative testing of new video-based learning scenarios.