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Welcome to eKindling Content Plan


This page is for scope creation and delivery of eKindling's content. "We want to deliver a content that is easily accessible, shareable and useable by all. This might use a variety of software tools like wikis, blog, powerpoint,slideshare, google docs and pdf files.

We haven't decided yet on what presentation platform we'll be using of the moment this will be presented on a static content delivery. This page serves as a discussion space and learning more about the different components and what is the existing software tools best suited or adequate to deliver the following programs.


  • 16-Unit Curriculum

In this curriculum,we aim to develop an intuitive and analytical thinking that will encourage both teachers and the students to work collaboratively as well think independently. This will also cultivate a discerning approach to information, the media and technology.

Sample Curriculum:
Time period/Length:
Unit Goals:
Learning Activities:

  • Lesson Plan Exchange

In this program, teachers can submit their lesson plans on how they incorporated applications from Sugar on their teachings so other teachers can view and implement them on their classrooms. This is a collaborative approach on useable learning resources.




We are currently exploring two ways to deliver content for teachers:

  1. For online delivery we are looking into Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites.). Marife is currently working on a baseline curriculum for this. Please contact her if you'd like to help:
  2. For offline delivery, we are trying to adopt an Epaath-like content deployment that's built with Squeak. Epaath is transitioning to using Karma. Since this is ways away, we are hoping to work with current epaath images and customize it for use in the Philippines. Please contact Cherry Withers if you'd like to help:
  • Wikipaks and content for the Read application

- Authors and Developers are needed to seed e-literature content. Please contact Mafe Mago or Cherry Withers if you'd like to help.

  • Discovery Session (small activities)

This is one of eKindling pilot program, teachers and other volunteers will create small activities for Grades 1-3 using sugar activities,this will be collated and implemented in conjunction with volunteer teachers.




Content Platform Comparison

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