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Screenshot of the eduMagnet educational web video recorder


2009-04-15 OLPC Player-Screenshot thumb.jpg

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eduMagnet can search and access different online video sites (YouTube, Blip, TeacherTube, RSS, german public TV, etc). Students and pupils can create playlists of lectures and talks and play educational content using an embedded video player (MPlayer).

As an OLPC project eduMagnet is developed for sugar OS but can also be used in any Linux environment using GTK.

The Plattform

Students may also synchronice playlists to the online platform So other users can subscribe to their playlists. Access to new online video sites can easily be added using python plugins ("Magnets").


Source and Debian Install Image

You can download the first public alpha release from BerliOS

eduMagnet OLPC Live System

USB Thumbdrive with the Sugar OS + eduMagnet Live System

To try out Sugar OS and the eduMagnet educational web video recorder you can get an OLPC Live System .ISO file.

An USB stick with the image can be used to boot Netbooks into Sugar OS.