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klik is a system for distributing software in self-contained bundles. Unlike .xo bundles, these are not uncompressed at the time of "installation", but are mounted on-demand when the respective appliction is launched. The upcoming version 2 of klik will also provide application virtualization facilities.

This projects is to evaluate whether klik or elements thereof can provide advantages to OLPC, e.g., by making it possible to port large quantities of 3-rd party software to the OLPC in a short timeframe.

For more information on klik, please see the klik wiki and the FOSDEM talk about klik 2.

Since the XO software does not include a FUSE module by defalt, it is not yet possible to test klik 2 "out of the box". However, some techniques from the klik project can be used in the rapid creation of .xo bundles. Contact probono if you are interested.

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