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  1. Name: SkyTee (Thorsten Haas)
  2. Email address: thorsten.haas-at or
  3. Employer (if any), University/College
  4. Shipping address and instructions - telephone number : eventphone at the 24C3: 2700 | +49 eins sieben neun zwei drei fuenf acht eins null sechs
  5. any special instructions | power adapter : European Standards, 220V | desired keyboard layout : US English
  6. Quantity of machines desired: 1
  7. Description of your plans for the machine(s). Concrete proposals with defined outcomes are much more likely to result in a system than "it would be cool to play with these and demo them".

Goal 1

Getting the Geode LX Video Input Port working.


Attaching a video decoder, e.g. SAA7115 to the device to enable:
- CVBS video input (primary objective, will be done during development)
- TV input (secondary objective, can be done)
- Radio input (tertiary objective, might be done)

Goal 2

Getting the Geode LX AES128 block working.


I am working as an R&D project manager with a company that has its main area of business in automotive, embedded devices. In my job I am primarily working on DMI (driver machine interface)

software development and Linux OS integration on terminal devices (human interface devices). These

devices are equipped with AMD Geode GX, AMD Geode LX or Intel Pentium 4 class CPUs. The system integration is a task close to the hardware. In my spare time I work on micro controller based electronics.