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  • Contact
    • alpsimsek
    • Cambridge, United States of America
    • Experience: I have a degree in Computer Science but I am not involved in development projects any more, since I am currently studying economics.

I am a member of the OLPC Turkey initiative. I help coordinate OLPC Turkey efforts. We are advertising OLPC in Turkey and among Turkish people. We are in the process of building a development team for OLPC Turkey. We are contacting volunteers and non-profit organizations to start a grassroots movement. We are also planning to get in touch with the government.

    • Members: , members of the MIT Turkish Student Association (not currently in the system)

  • Project
    • Name: OLPC Turkey
    • Description: OLPC Turkey project was started a few months ago by the MIT Turkish Student Association.We have received one laptop already and it was tremendously useful for our efforts. We have introduced the OLPC project and demoed the laptop to a number of influential people in Turkey in December 2007. As a result of our efforts then, we are having a big press conference on February 8, 2008 where we introduce OLPC and OLPC Turkey to Turkish media, and we make a call to programmers in Turkey to join our development team.

We have the following requests: 1. Could you put under record the laptop that we have at the moment. Its name is Janne (It is not with me at the moment, but I can send you the type and the serial number etc. when I get a hold of it).

2. Could we have a second laptop. We need this laptop for a number of reasons: - First, we will continue our demos to the press, and with the second laptop, we can demonstrate the networking aspects with much more effect. - Second, as I tell above, we are in the process of recruiting a development team. In Spring Break (March 2008) we are planning to go to Turkish universities and give presentations to computer science students in a number of universities. I believe, having a second laptop and showing the impressive networking capabilities is essential to spark interest from a computer science crowd, and to ultimately recruit them for the OLPC Turkey effort. - Third, since we are leading the OLPC Turkey effort from Cambridge/USA, we need to have one laptop ourselves and leave one laptop in Turkey, so that the part of our team in Turkey (especially the development team) has access to a laptop so that they can test their programs (after they build them on the simulation software).

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you, Alp Simsek On behalf of the OLPC Turkey project and MIT Turkish Student Association

    • 0% completed
    • 1 Laptops, requested for 4 months
    • Status: Pending