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"Country depends on its tomorrow, tomorrow on youth, so help us teach IT today for a better tomorrow." --IT Freak


  • Our aim is to promote Information Technology in Pakistan. We would be starting by our home town Lahore. We would love to embed technology in studies at different schools by providing them with Projectors for presentations, computers for teaching or keeping track of school records and etc. All this could be done by your collaboration, please donate if u want to because project would not be starting until we have gathered the required amount to start the project. (Inshallah)
  • Our another aim is to promote Free and Open Source Software as it's low/free of cost. It provides you a better, simple and stylish interface then all those corporate, costly softwares, which school can't afford and then they have to go illegalto get them and teach their students. So it's better to use Free and Open Source Software then breaking the law and using that Corporate Softwares.We'll promote Free and Open Source Software to the maximum extent. (Inshallah)

Wanna Join?

If you want to help us promote IT in Pakistan, you can also help by donating money for project or by donating your old computer hardware (e.g monitor, keyboard, etc) that is worthless or that you were gonna throw away. So in this way you can help us recycle computer hardware too.