Quake Terminal

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I made a quake-style terminal for the xo. This is basically a persistent full screen terminal that is toggled on and off with a hotkey. It has tabs too!

The original script lives at http://xo.cutup.org/quake-terminal.txt
There's an enhanced version at http://ingo-karkat.de/downloads/OLPC%20XO/index.html#quaketerminal

See the comments in the script for installation instructions. Unfortunately at the moment it needs to be put in the exact right place, and one must edit one of the standard sugar files to get it working. And if you mess it up, X11 won't start.

So please be careful. That said, it works quite well, despite being quite basic.

Latest version (v0.06) has:

  • Tabs (ctrl-t)
  • Paste (ctrl-V or right-click)
  • switch tabs with ctrl-Left/ctrl-Right

Enhanced version includes:

  • vertical scrollbars
  • tab labels show PID of the spawned shell
  • configurable terminal palette colors