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Rainbow is easy to test in chroots, for example, those created by mock. See test-rainbow and, in particular,this small multi-user test script.

To test it on a regular system, you might install it, then run something like:

sudo rainbow-easy gaming /bin/bash
sudo rainbow-easy banking /usr/bin/firefox -no-remote
sudo rainbow-easy av /usr/bin/mplayer ~/some/movie

These examples will drop you into an isolated bash session, firefox session, or mplayer session in which you can play.

NB: If you want to isolate more complicated software, then you're going to use the low-level rainbow-run interface used by rainbow-easy. Here are some examples to help you get started:

Launch mplayer with a fresh nested Xephyr X server. 
sudo rainbow-run -v -v -v -s /var/spool/rainbow/2 -u $USER -c "`pwd`" -f 0 -f 1 -f 2 -E "DISPLAY=:0" -o audio -a /usr/bin/rainbow-xify -o xephyr -o network -- /usr/bin/mplayer ~/some/movie
Launch bash in a previously generated container.
sudo rainbow-run -v -v -v -s /var/spool/rainbow/2 -u $USER -f 0 -f 1 -f 2 -i secrets -r 10000 -- /bin/bash

Obviously, please contribute more automated tests, helpers, and bug reports!