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Grassroots Real World Album

Grassroots plans are being developed to make an album that will be recorded in various stages at a combination of home-based studios and at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios. The Real World community of organizations and businesses has long been a supporter of world music and awareness, and the studio manager has graciously agreed to provide a discounted studio rate for access to their world-class facilities. The purpose of the album project is to raise awareness about One Laptop Per Child, invite grassroots participation in the OLPC community, and to serve as a fundraiser to help purchase laptops under the "Give Many" program. Hopefully a series of A-list music artists will get involved to help it have a broader appeal, but it will happen regardless.



Todd Kelsey, OLPC volunteer, who used to be in a band called Sister Soleil that recorded an album at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios. (many moons ago) (c:


Sponsors, internationally-known musicians who might consider participating in order to help build a buzz, eventually a street team, both on Second Life and in the "Real World", and interested parties of any kind.


If the licensing could be worked out it would be great to also have music that could be put on the laptops and made available to kids, as per other OLPC music initiatives.