Release notes/13.2.2

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13.2.2 is an OLPC OS release, adding support for a new battery module, and a new eMMC part.


How to install signed build 15 of release 13.2.2 on XO-4.

The build is installed to the internal storage device. You will need a USB drive or Secure Digital card of at least 1 GB capacity, but only for the duration of the installation. We recommend the drive be FAT formatted, but other formats are supported, see how to prepare a drive for use by the firmware for more details.


  • Prepare the USB or SD drive:
    • Download 32015o4.zd, see How to Download,
    • Save the file to the top directory of the drive,
    • Download,
    • Save the file to the top directory of the same drive,
    • Check that the drive contains at least the two files and 32015o4.zd.
  • Prepare the laptop:
    • Make a copy of any data you wish to keep,
    • Check that the battery is inserted and locked,
    • Check that the power cord is in place and the battery indicator is green,
    • Turn off the laptop, unless it is already off,
    • Insert the USB drive into any USB port on the laptop,
  • Start installing:
    • Hold down all four game keys above the power button,
    • Turn on the laptop,
    • Wait for the message Release the game keys to continue,
    • Release the game keys.

Installation progress will be displayed. Green colour will fill grey blocks. It will take about five minutes. Once finished, the laptop will reboot automatically. You may remove the USB or SD drive during or after the reboot.

The USB or SD drive can be used on other laptops. If installation progress is not displayed, you may be running an old firmware version which does not recognise the file. Please rename to and try again. If you see a message Boot failed then either:

  • the USB or SD drive has not been properly prepared, or;
  • the firmware is out of date and should be updated (see Firmware).

Deployment Support Impacts

Firmware upgrade delay

When installed on an XO-4 that was shipped with 13.2.1, the firmware will be automatically upgraded on the next boot with good main battery and external power cable. The upgrade includes embedded controller firmware. Care should be taken to allow the upgrade to complete without interruption.

New battery module

The new battery module is incompatible with previous operating system builds.

The new battery module is identified with a manufacturer name of Simplo.

When a new battery module is inserted into a laptop running 13.2.1 or earlier, the laptop battery indicator will flash red, the battery will not be charged by the laptop, and the laptop will use and drain the battery.

To use a new battery module with an XO-4 laptop, upgrade the operating system, in particular the kernel (to cd558cf) and the firmware (to Q7B41).

Laptop serial numbers with the new battery module may begin with CQx5nn.

New eMMC part

The new eMMC part is incompatible with previous operating system builds.

The new eMMC part can be identified using the firmware Ok prompt.

When a new eMMC part is present, and an old operating system build is booted, the operating system will fail to boot, reporting that the root filesystem is missing.

Serial numbers affected may begin with CQx5nn.

Volunteer Support Impacts

NiMH battery module support removed

Support has been withdrawn on the XO-4 for an NiMH battery module. This module type was used in early testing but not in mass production of XO-4 laptops. The affected prototypes are SKU295 through to SKU298. See further detail and a workaround.