Release notes/16.04.4

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16.04.4 is an OLPC OS release The target platform is NL3 only.


A list of new features;

  • the installation media can be used as a live-system demonstration of Sugar,
  • the Help activity has a new section for the Implode activity,
  • the ImageViewer activity can now collaborate on the network,
  • the Log activity now captures information specific to Ubuntu and the NL3, including serial number and /var/crash,
  • the Physics activity can now choose colours for objects, can show the next random colour, and can export,


A list of fixes;

  • in the Sugar journal, the continue button no longer stalls a batch operation, and the selected entry count is properly shown after an erase,
  • the Browse activity properly identifies activity bundles downloaded from, allowing them to be installed,
  • the Calculate activity doesn't allow PI and other constants to be redefined,
  • the Develop activity now starts properly in the event there are no activity bundles installed,
  • the Distance activity was removed because it did not work,
  • the Get Books activity now searches properly, does not grow the application window, and stops when asked,
  • the Help activity has several improvements to the Using Sugar and Activities sections,
  • the Paint activity can now draw text; the text tool was not working,
  • the Pippy activity clear button now only clears the output window, and there are included new GTK and Sugar examples,
  • the Speak activity was rewritten during a port to GTK+ 3, fixing the waveform and frequency mouth buttons, fixing image degradation in photo face mode, have eyes follow text cursor more closely, and allow URL clicking in chat window,
  • the Record activity was made compatible with the Ubuntu 16.04.2 Hardware Enablement Stack,
  • the Terminal activity was improved to keep the font size consistent, stop properly without a keep failure, and add new hotkeys for changing theme,
  • the APT sources list is correctly set for ongoing software updates,
  • new translations were added for the Calculate, Chat, Finance, ImageViewer, Jukebox, Log, Maze, Paint, Physics, Pippy, Read, Record, Speak, Terminal, and Write activities,
  • many unnecessary error messages were removed from activity logs, which increases performance and makes analysis easier,

Also, all fixes in Ubuntu 16.04.2 were included, such as Firefox 53.0.2, WebKit2 2.16, and Libre Office 5.1.6.


See 16.04.4#Installation.

Known Problems

Wireless unavailable on first boot

Wireless is not available during and immediately after completing the Ubuntu System Configuration steps. Happens on every laptop once. Workaround is to reboot. Tracked by Ubuntu as #1573474.


After release, updates may be available.

On the Ubuntu Unity desktop, select Ubuntu Software, then Updates.

Or, in Terminal, type:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Some updates may need a reboot to take effect.


Sugar desktop:


with Frame and Audio device opened: