Release notes/8.1.2

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Release 8.1.2 is Synonymous with Build 711

THIS RELEASE WILL BRICK B2 MACHINES. DO NOT INSTALL ON OLD MACHINES. On old machines, the plastic on the top by the XO man is perfectly smooth. If your plastic is textured and bumpy, this release will work fine for you.

Improvements from Release 8.1.1

See OLPC SW-ECO 6 for a more precise list of the changes, indexed by ticket, that lead from Release 8.1.1 (build official-708) to 711. To summarize, we added:

  • Support for the Failsafe fix for the NAND-full bug.
  • Fix for SD card corruption.
  • EC/OFW update to include recognizing new motherboards, C1.

Please refer to the full release notes for Release 8.1.1 here: Release_notes/8.1.1