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This page is currently a draft proposal for a community-based release management team to take over the task of preparing images for OLPC deployment use, based largely on this conversation.


Pia writes stuff here.


This is a flow diagram of the sources an OLPC community release team would draw on. Boxes contain the names of groups and the code they write. Code and materials flow from top to bottom (upstream to downstream). Streams/arrows are the outputs of each group, regardless of whether or not they've written the code for that output or are passing/packaging upstream work along. Note that the release team does not write any code.


This diagram only shows Fedora (as the OS) and the XO (as the hardware platform) for simplicity, but there is no reason why other distributions or hardware platforms can't be used. You could imagine extending this process to have the release team also produce a Sugar-on-Ubuntu-on-the-Intel-Classmate, for instance.

Release cycle

Note: We may want to draw heavily on Michael's work for this section. Leaving blank for Michael and Pia to fill in.Mchua 03:56, 29 January 2009 (UTC)





Beta release

Stable release


The release team should be extremely small, as they are the stewards of the release process and do not (in their capacity as release team members) contribute patches and packaging themselves. Pia and Michael, write stuff here. Mchua 03:56, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

Next steps