Replacing the shutdown screen

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See also: Tweaking the boot animation and Bootanim.

The UL warning image displayed during shutdown can be modified by replacing the file


with an appropriate alternative, in 1200x900 "565" format.

For example, you might wish to try: modified-shutdown.565.

On a linux system, you can convert 1200x900 PNG images to 565-format images as follows:

$ yum -y install netpbm-progs  
$ pngtopnm myfile.png | ./ -z -o myfile.565

Using the script found at

On core OS versions prior to 8.2, you must omit the -z option. The resulting raw 565-format files seem large, but we use a compressing filesystem on the XO which slims them down nicely.

To disable the shutdown screen entirely (for debugging, for instance), use:

chkconfig ul-warning off

The shutdown screen will still appear on the next shutdown, but will not appear on subsequent shutdowns.

Our UL certification requires us to display this warning; please do not disable the screen in deployed laptops unless for personal use only.