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Description & Goals

Sample Report

The Report activity is designed for students to learn and actively participate in journalism.

The activity provides:

  1. A tutorial for outlining a news article
  2. A free writing mode
  3. The ability to include a photograph (later video)
  4. The ability to publish to an online blog (

It is our goal that the software will be included as a core activity.

The larger goal is to provide children a voice in world events.

Visual Design

Source Files

Document Description
Activity Mockup (400KB) history Zip file containing Adobe Fireworks mockups


Plan Tab
Write Tab
Publish Tab



- This works for build 595
- The wordpress module is =in the ./wordpress directory and needs to be setup through ./wordpress/ install
- The install script works as per expectation: ./ dev
- The blog feature works to some extent, but it currently only grabs the text 
  [The AbiWord module needs to be modified to somehow spit out data in a better format]
- No implementation work has been done on the plan tab.
- The username and password to the blog have been hardcoded to post to
- There may be a beginner and advanced mode on the plan tab (TBD)
- The launch date for v1.0 is November 30, 2007

Source Code


Journalists are currently working on the tutorial content of the activity.
The content will be completed October 10, 2007.

Document Description
Current Tutorial (8KB) history RTF Tutorial on writing a news article

We intend to create a blog/news web site where the news articles will be published (a la CNN or Digg).

The site is up at, however it is currently hardcoded to a single blog.

Hopefully some of the more popular articles will get picked up by the mainstream press.

Some features we would like to have:

  • Private Group Blogs
  • Digging (voting) best articles
  • RSS
  • Podcasting


We have applied for a grant with the Knight Foundation. You can read our grant proposal below.

Document Description
Grant Proposal (8KB) Grant Proposal

More information can be found at


  • Dan Sutera, NYU
    • dansutera at
    • General / Grant / UI (Contact Person)
  • Rajesh Ramakrishnan, Columbia
    • rr2318 at
    • Development
  • Dan Lee, Columbia
    • dtl2103 at
    • Development
  • Emmanuelle Collet, Journalist
    • emmanuelle.collet at
    • Tutorial / Grant
  • Andrew Ott
    • andrewott1 at
    • Grant / PR
  • Bob Stepno, aka Robby in xoLand, Radford University
    • hoping to be helpful
    • grant?
    • teaching writing & reporting?
    • rstepno at radfordDOTedu
  • Owen Williams
    • owen at
    • Reader integration
  • Lisa Williams
    • lisa at
  • SJ Klein, OLPC
  • Lauren Klein, OLPC
  • Brendan Ballou, Columbia
    • Grant
  • Nick Racuente, Swarthmore
    • Coding
  • James Levy, Northwestern
    • Journalism
  • IRC Chat
    • at #fcolpc


November 30:

  • Functioning Report v1.0
  • Functioning Website v1.0


More background on this project can be found at:

Journalism Jam New York/Results

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