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Note: The review squad does not currently have any open projects, but you're welcome to join and put this page on your watchlist (create an account, return to this page, and click the "watch" tab at the top right of this text) if you'd like to be notified when projects come up.

Review squad members are testers, most of whom are students in grades K-12, who comment on, rate, and review OLPC materials before releases to help us decide what to package and promote. Reviews should cover

Review sessions

Things to review

  • Wikihow how-to's - scroll down to the "LC1" and "LC Server" sections. What do you think about the how-to's listed there?
  • OLPC's mini-Wikipedia - are the articles here good? Is this a good selection of first articles to include on a small children's encyclopedia?


How to join us

  1. Ask your parents if it's okay for you to join. If they say yes, make yourself a wiki account.
  2. Fill out the Review squad application and send it to Mel. <note: we need to set up a database to automate this.> The application is just so that we can look at who likes what content without you having to give us any of your personal information.
  3. Play with the content. Think of what you like and don't like about it. Is it fun? Hard to use? Does it teach you something? Think of what it might be like for a kid your age in a different country, maybe one who doesn't speak your language or who hasn't used a computer before. Would they experience the material any differently?
  4. Fill out a Review squad rating form for each item you review and send it to Mel, or post it under the appropriate section for the content you are testing (more information is on each event page). <note: we need to set up a database to automate this.> Try to rate and comment on things that haven't yet been reviewed, but do tell us what your favorite and least favorite things are, and why.

For a list of Review Squad members, check out the roster.