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Many purchases were made yesterday ( Saturday) for toys and fun things for the box

Need to do

All listed more specifically below, but as an overarching whole, DOCUMENTATION.

We need someone to write up guides (ideally, as picture-filled as possible) as how-tos for specific projects. In regards to various electronic components/sensors - rather than a "you-must-do-this" sort of thing, there should at least be some framework for particular activities.

Next, we have to decide how this material would be distributed. For sure, some guide for the pilot is needed, as it's not exactly conducive to opening and mucking about as it stands (well, parts of it are, but that's beside the point). By USB? Content bundles? Print material?

Finally, testing, distribution, and so on. But the other steps are still lots of work, so...


Repair kit

Should include...

  • D stock
  • multitool

Still needs...

  • screen wipes
  • if no multitool, at least #1 phillips screwdriver, needlenose pliers
  • 2-4 DoAs

To do:

  • figure out how best to distribute repair/disassembly guide (maybe by USB or by content bundle. If by electronic source - how do you encourage kids to find it/use it)


Should include...

  • multimeter
  • Temperature Sensor kit
    • We worked with this one today - alas, no luck making it work. (probably just poor soldering on my (Andrea) part.)
    • Suggestion was made to provide crimp clips with the kit instead, as those are probably easier, and make the sensor more accessible to more people (i.e., those lacking soldering supplies)

Camera Peripheral

This would serve as a new and improved viewfinder for the XO so the kids can take pictures of things other than those facing them --- Mike Lee created a prototype of this periscope-like thing using a cereal box and mirrors. The hope is to eventually create a pattern that can simply be print, cut out, and folded. We, alas, did not purchase these materials!

We still need...

  • Cereal box, or stuff of similar thickness
  • mirror

To do:

  • develop a nifty attachment method. Currently using tape, potentially - velcro?


Application: (hypothetically) better internets for the school!

Should include...

  • Tinker toy can
  • Tinker toys (to build frame)

Still needs...

  • one end of a coaxial cable
  • tin foil

To do:

  • write up easy, kid friendly, (ideally) minimal-localization needed ==> PICTURES for how to build one

Other electronic componenets

One concern raised - we, admittedly, find these things fun - but we also acknowledge that there are some people that don't. This is particularly important to note given that investment needed to reach a level of understanding (as noted by Seth) where you can do cool-things-like-woah! is pretty high, reducing the accessibility. The Pilot-in-a-Box should consider addressing some of these things?

Misc Supplies

We still have things like an inflatable ball/globe, construction paper, markers, sketch paper, and so on. While these don't necessarily fully integrate with the XO, it'd be super interesting to see how these toys and XOs work side-by-side. These will hopefully go back to Boston, where kid responses to these objects can be documented as well with the xO.


  • Cantenna! (need coaxial cable, some other supplies. Can be integrated with tinker toys to make a frame)

For our current inventory, please see School in a box