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These are the screws used in the XO laptops, and their locations. This is part of the Disassembly and Repair guides.

All screws.png From left to right:

  • (A) M2x.4 x 4mm - The common blackened ones. There are a lot of these - use anywhere a specific type of screw is not specified.
  • (B) M3x.5 x 5mm - There are 4 of these. These attach the hinge to the bottom half of the laptop.
  • (C) M2x.4 x 6mm - The long shiny ones. There are 6 of them. Four are used to attach the back cover (over the motherboard), and are accessed behind the screen. Two are used to hold the hinge cover together, one on each side.
  • (D) M2x.4 x 2mm or 3mm - The short shiny ones. There may be 4 of them, all under the keyboard. 2 of these hold the keyboard controller circuit board in place, the other two help screw the keyboard to the keyboard bezel. Holes for these screws are marked with this symbol: Small-screw-icon.jpg.
  • (E) fat M2x.4 x 7.62mm (0.3in) - The screen screws. These are cushioned by 4 black rubber ring bumpers and hold the screen in place.
  • (F) M2.5x.45 x 12.7mm (0.5in) - The antenna ear screws. Four of these hold the antenna ear clamps in place.

The screws are metric (ISO). The number immediately after the M is the rough diameter (in mm), followed by the pitch (in mm) after the first 'x'. The length is indicated after the second 'x'. Two of the screws have a precise length in English units, but not metric units.

Tip: There are a few spare screws (at least one of each type) inside the handle.