Secure Digital card/Reformatting/Fat

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How to reformat an SD card with a FAT filesystem on an OLPC XO laptop.

Warning: loses the contents of the SD card, and may not provide best performance.


  • an OLPC XO laptop with OLPC OS 13.2.0,
  • an SD card with any filesystem,


  • start Terminal activity,
  • install GParted, type this:
sudo yum install -y gparted
  • insert the SD card,
  • start GParted, type this:
sudo gparted
  • wait for the GParted window to appear,
  • select the external SD card; GParted -> Devices -> /dev/mmcblk0 or /dev/mmcblk1,
  • select the partition,
  • unmount the partition; Partition -> Unmount,
  • delete the partition; Partition -> Delete,
  • create the filesystem; Partition -> New, File system: fat, Label: x, Add,
  • apply all pending operations; Edit -> Apply All Operations,
  • stop GParted; GParted -> Quit,
  • eject and reinsert the SD card, or reboot,