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Main article: Secure upgrade

0. Before performing the upgrade, please note that EVERYTHING previously created will be deleted!

1. Read release notes for your target release!

Activities must be installed separately.

2. You need a formatted USB flash drive that is larger than 325 MB, and it is better that you format it before copying any files over.

3. To install build 767 (Release 8.2.0) download the following two files from the Internet and put them on the USB flash drive:

  • To download those files, plug the USB flash drive into another computer that is connected to the Internet. Right-click (Ctrl-click for Mac) on each of the above two URLs in the browser and choose "Save Target As" ("Save Link As" for Firefox). Save both files to the USB flash drive. Eject/Remove the USB flash drive, and unplug it.

The first file is about 154Kb, and the second file is quite large (about 233 Mb), which might take a while to download.

After you have finished this step, there should be two files on the USB flash drive, the file, and the img file.

4. Make sure the XO laptop is OFF. Make sure that the battery is installed, and that you have external (AC) power plugged in as well. Plug in the USB flash drive, and do not unplug it until instructed.

5. With the USB flash drive inserted, power up the laptop while holding down ALL four game buttons on the right side of screen (the four buttons above the power button, and they are marked with O, V, X, and square). Please be sure to press all of them firmly; use two thumbs if that helps.

6. When the screen says 'release the game key to continue', release all four buttons.

7. You will see arrays of colored grids running on the screen. We are now re-writing the laptop with the new operating system.

8. Once done with re-writing, the laptop will reboot itself.

9. Next, the laptop may update the firmware, if necessary, and reboot itself. It will insist on being plugged in and having a battery present if it needs to update the firmware. (You don't have to do anything; just watch.)

10. After you're done with the update, the laptop will boot to the prompt for your preferred user name. You can now remove the USB flash drive, and it is no longer needed.

Install activities

No activities are included in some versions of the OLPC software. Follow these instructions to install basic activities on release 8.1.0, 8.1.1 and 8.2.0.

  1. Power off the XO
  2. Remove the "" file from your flash drive.
  3. Download the activity pack and unzip it to the flash drive (NOT a subdirectory).
  4. Insert the USB flash drive and boot the XO. It will display text on a black screen as the activities are installed, after which it will power off.
  5. Remove the USB flash drive.

Verify your update

12. Go to the Terminal activity (click on the taskbar icon Activity-terminal.svg)

  • The screen should say something like [olpc@xo-05-2D-2F ~]$
  • The numbers don't matter, but be sure that you type things after the $ sign.

14. Type the following to check which version you XO is running:

  cat /etc/issue

15. Press the Enter key

16. If the screen says something that begins with

  OLPC build 767

then we are one step closer to finishing the upgrade process!

17. Go to Home view and mouse over the XO guy in the center.

18. Select the "Shutdown" option to power off the machine. Now you should be able to power it up as usual, with build 767.