Service Volunteerism in High School and College: Own Your Dream

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<Marina> Remy introduces himself, from Rochester, an activist, environmntal
<Jonathan> service volunteerism in High School and College  what is it?  Christine Murakami Remy DeCausemaker Mark Battley Bath Santos Isabella Kleider Adam Gordon   Christine Murakami: teacher in a school for girl 2weeks trip to teach e-toys in St John phenomemnly successful trip 12 girls wonders what to do with last years 
<Jonathan> Remy DeCausemaker:
<CanoeBerry> Jonathan Ragot leading notes & summary here for the next hour, with Marina helping!
<Jonathan> civix founder
<CanoeBerry> Summary Minutes will be posted here in ~1hr:
<Marina> huge environmental activist
<Marina> Lab for tech literacy involvemnet at the University 
<CanoeBerry> Biz consultant Karlie Robinson
<Marina> Open Source community and OLPC
<CanoeBerry> Remy DeCausemaker discussing ~20 XO-1 laptops brought to RIT.edy
<Marina> Got connected to Fedora folks
<CanoeBerry> Thanks to Professor Stephen Jacobs
<CanoeBerry> 10 weeks course
<Jonathan>  olpc honor course every student involved get a Xo and must develop an activity on sugar
<CanoeBerry> Students all learned IRC, revision control, documentation, wiki, etc!
<Marina> Remy was mentoring students for that course
<Marina> students building all kinds of games
<Marina> will talk about students involvement
<Marina> come up with a model to engage students with Sugar
<Marina> created a game an got the grant
<Marina> so students worked on it during the summer
<Marina> then those students went back to the course and became mentors
<Marina> Foss Class, research, getting paid for work and become mentors
<Jonathan> Beth Santos
<Marina> Beth was raised in the computer nerds family
<Marina> she wnted to be in PR, marketing
<Marina> she went to Sao Tome, Africa, where she found computers - OLPC XOs!
<Jonathan> went to Sao Tome
<Marina> so he started teaching in Sao Tome
<Jonathan> Africa when was 23, asked to manage XOs left there
<Marina> then she joined Waveplace - Tim Falcone
<Jonathan> with teacher and so on
<Marina> she became an Outreach coordinator
<Marina> training young people 
<Marina> also fundraising for Waveplace
<Marina> also doing mentoring in St.John
<Marina> Christine Murakami  - connections
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<Marina> Incentives for students, teachers, sustinability, connectivity
<Jonathan> a retired teacher asks an answer: can I do something like that in Pakistan?
<Marina> Remy - about connections 
<Marina> connecting to OLPC was important to his project
<Marina> OLPC O - Trojan horse of Open soure
<Marina> XO
<Jonathan> the XO helps a lot to focus attention on something tangible, to make the projet concrete
<Marina> to have a champion is important but you need to be connected to an outside community
<Marina> and have an outside purpose
<Marina> Foss clss used to be web des/dev but now more students from other majors - liberal arts
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<Marina> Importance of corporate sponsors
<Marina> example, Rosetta Stone 
<Marina> there is a project to make it open source
<Marina> connecting to real non-profits and real problems to solve
<Marina> not just theory anymore
<Marina> asking students to pot their results, coding,etc on a iki
<Marina> wiki so that everyone can see the impact they are making on real world
<Marina> Mark is talking about project at his school
<Marina> how connection was within school
<Marina> different departments worked together
<Jonathan> Mark: in his school the project made connection from different departments
<Marina> then on the ground in Kenya they worked with NGO, school administrator
<Jonathan> media ( outreach, com) geo and computer (OLPC), sciences (solar pannel)
<Marina> then they connected to OLPCcommunity
<Marina> Curious Lee (Mike)
<Marina> when CuriousLee wrote to them, students got very excited
<Jonathan> in Kenya the solar ended not to work
<Marina> recovery is everything
<Marina> you will always fail in a way but have to remembrer to recover
<Marina> then they found CradlePoint
<Marina> portable wireless
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<Jonathan> 20 000$ projet
<Marina> so this students had to do everything - engineering, blogger, fundraise, teachers, designers, trip planners
<Jonathan> the kids has developped so many skills to make the project
<Jonathan> super implementation team
<Marina> huge learning curve
<Marina> Christine - for students it is abstract it is not real
<Marina> you want to relate to real people and help real people
<Marina> partnerhips are very important
<Marina> projects dont work if you don't have local connections
<Marina> What are the incentives for students?
<Marina> Course credit, exciting trips, service, social connections, self interest, service hours
<Marina> speak about students - why dio they sign up?
<Marina> this particular student had intrests in computers and filming
<Marina> so he got involved in the trip to Kenya, becsuse he wanted to have expeerience on the ground doing what he likes
<Marina> sometimes they just want service hours and just do basic things
<Marina> they are not getting anythin out of it
<Marina> if you expect gratitude or self fulfilment, don't do it just for that
<Marina> because you will not get it
<Marina> you should do it, when you have interest in it and want to be part of the community, similar minded people
<Marina> Mark said altruism will not fill your soul
<Marina> do what you like to do, don't force yourself
<Marina> talk about OLPCorps
<Marina> talk about OLPCorps?
<Marina> why was not it successful?
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<Marina> it is almost that other groups were more efficient and their wok was more sustainable than that of OLPCorps
<Marina> because OLPCorps were not motivated by their own genuine interest 
<Marina> but more of some formal structured process that gives them service hours and start and end date
<Marina> not really something they are vey passionate about
<Marina> so doing their best was not main priority on their agenda
<Marina> Incentives for teachers: money, fame, fortune, incorporating the work into a job description
<Marina> Tim's announcement about upcoming Realness summit to train mentors
<Marina> to replace OLPCorps program or provide better alternative
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<Marina> need to work more on involving volunteers
<Marina> thanks to Adam Holt for organizing this summit
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<Marina> OLPC is a laptop manifacturer
<Marina> we should create an eco system of small projects
<Marina> small projects are not relly a feature thing for OLPC
<Marina> there shuld be a different infrastructure to support community, software even if it is not officially part of OLPC
<Marina> opinion - we (volunters) are OLPC consumers
<Marina> what will we do next as consumers and volunteers?
<Marina> The end :)