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The share activity (better names being solicited) allows users to transfer journal entries from one XO to another through a shared activity. It lets a user select a set of files or elements from their journal, bundle them up, and share them with another user.

Use cases

I have a few text and image files in my journal. I launch Share, and invite a friend to join me. While that is happening, I select the files from the journal, and choose a "bundle" option. I am prompted to add a name for the bundle; this name is stored in my journal along with links to the items bundled. When a friend joins me and shares the bundle, it is transferred as a single file, and unbundled into their Journal.

By default, these are bundled as a zip file.
To keep things simple, bundles can at first be size limited to avoid dealing with streams.
While sharing is private or public, by default this should start out sharing. When group or other sharing is active, it would allow selection of the group or invited person to share with.

I want to share a file or files with my teacher, but she is too busy to join a shared activity with every student who wants to do this, so instead I want to "share" with an application on the school server.

I want to share a file or files with someone via electronic mail.

FileShare Activity

FileShare is an activity written to allow easy sharing of journal entries through the shared activity.

This activity was based off of an activity concept called Distribute.

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