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Some features described on this page are a work in progress,
and might work as described only in some circumstances.
Please use the discussion page to make suggestions,
share how this works for you, and see other's comments.

Activities can be shared on the Mesh View by a public invitation:

  1. Launch the activity to be shared;
  2. Select "share with neighborhood" under the Activity tab;
  3. Invitation appears as an activity icon on Mesh View;
  4. Clicking on the activity icon launches the shared activity.

Launch an activity

A launches Browse.
A Browses.
A bookmarks a page.

Share activity

A selects the Activity tab.
A shares Browse with neighborhood.

Invitation appears on Mesh View

B sees invitation on the Mesh View

Clicking on the invitation launches shared activity

B joins shared Browse
Browse launches

Shared Browsing

B receives A's bookmark
B follows A's bookmark