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This page where we, OLPC volunteers, SHARE experiences and collaborate to deploy XO laptops in each of our countries.

Korea (South)

  • For OLPC, there is no governmental engagement yet in Korea.
  • I received one B2 machine in May, 2007, and am waiting the delivery of five to ten B4 machinces from the OLPC Foundation. After receiving them, I plan to tour all around the nation to show XOs to teachers, governmental officers and other interested people. There will be more than 100 presentations in Korea this and next month, and I hope the first 250,000 XO laptops will be ordered and deployed in Korea no later than early 2008.
  • I have prepared to establish XO Korea which will provide XO related services to schools; summing up orders from schools, deliver XOs to schools, collect and repair damaged XOs, make/presentations, manage school servers, monitor local/national mesh network, and provide various financing plans for schools etc.
  • How to gather necessary fund to manage the XO Korea itself is not yet determined, but donations from corporations and schools themselves will be sufficient for its operation.
  • I requested some monetary support from the Korean government for XO Korea to develop and produce some variations of XO laptop; one is Lager XO laptop for youth and the other other is Mesh Phone, a kind of wifi phone using school servers as access points. I hope to establish a research center and a factory to produce those XO variations at Jejudo, Korea. After deploying them in Korea first, then will be available for other countries on open source base.
  • All our effort (other than deploying XO and developing XO variations) is focusing on a game development; XO City.