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Sinhala Linux supports the Sinhala script and Sinhala language of Sri Lanka by creating Sinhala-enabled versions of applications for merging into Debian and other distributions. Sinhala fonts and keyboards are in Debian and other Linux distributions.

Enable Sinhala rendering

  • Copy lklug.ttf font to /usr/share/fonts
  • execute
fc-cache -fv

Select Sinhala as the Sugar interface language

  • Control Panel -> Language -> Sinhala(Sri Lanka) OR
  • In the command prompt;
sugar-control-panel -s language Sinhala/Sri_Lanka
  • Download the self extracting Sinhala language pack, and execute it from command line.

Enabling Sinhala keyboard

  • Edit /etc/sysconfig/keyboard file and make the following changes;
XKB_VARIANT="olpc -option grp:alt_shift_toggle"
  • Restart the Sugar by using Ctrl+Alt+erase
  • Now you can toggle between sinhala and english keyboards by using "Alt+Shift" key combination