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To Start Etoys on the XO

Typical Etoys World

OLPC Squeak Etoys Picture Gallery

Navigator Tab

If you click on the Navigator Tab NavigatorFlapTab.jpeg you will open the Navigator flap.


PaintBrushIcon.jpegThe paintbrush icon will bring up the painting palette and a paint area.


The painting palette and a painting area

The painting area is normally set to be translucent to allow easy tracing and to make it very clear just what is being painted. This area is a standard Etoy object and can be moved, scaled, and colored in various ways (see Graphical Properties Sheet). There is a Preference that can choose to have the painting area be the entire size of the screen.

The Painting Tools

Halos and Handles

InitialViewerForCar.gif CarWithHandlesAndBalloonHelp.JPG CarWithHandles.JPG