Status meeting 2007-10

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  • Update on Suspend/Resume from China pre-MP
  • Bugs: Instead of going through people's individual bugs, maybe we can use a list sorted by component. Then use a priority order to go through them (not alphabetical):

query (It would be good if we can get through the first 10 items)

  1. Upgrade Utility
  2. Distro
  3. Kernel
  4. Power Mgr/OHM
  5. EC / Hardware
  6. Network Manager
  7. Tinderbox
  8. Infrastructure
  9. Keyboards
  10. X windows
  11. Localization
  12. OFW
  13. Datastore / Journal (anyone have any updates for this mtg?)
  14. Wireless (any updates?)
  15. School server (??)
  16. Security (Wed at 4pm)
  17. Telepathy (not in this mtg)
  18. Sugar (Wed at 10am)

Bugs needing triage


Bugs needing discussion