Status meeting 2008-03-26

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Within reach (in 702)

#6685     TST    sj          (library bundle localization)
#6245     FIN    richard     (system firmware update issue)
#5422     FIN    richard     (boot even if firmware needs update)
#6575     TST    collabora   (chat receives message but can't send anymore)
#6707     TST    collabora   (probable dup of 6575; maybe new)
#5841     FIN    dgilmore    (spanish and portuguese keyboards)
#6299     FIN    wad         (salut backoff when gabble running), needs to be tested on a big mesh;


#6170     BLD    uwog        (shared write crashes)
#4153     DBG    wad         (connect to linklocal instead of schoolmesh) see also #5963
#5848     DBG    marco       (network manager failure)
#6586     DBG    dwmw2       (wireless scan failure, reproducible, dwmw2 on it)
#1407     ???    dilinger    (Touchpad recalibration should be forced under some circumstances.)
#2804     SGN    bernie      (Cursor sometimes goes strange)
#6050     ???    uwog        (Arabic is broken in Write)
#6572     STK    collabora   (key hash in mdns, new tiny patch, needs review)
#6483     DBG    mstone      (read sharing broken)

Important Activity/Content Changes

#6716     DBG    erikb       (record fails to share audio)
#6672     TST    bdoin       (gnuchess gcompris in /home)
#6673     ???    Nat         (tamtam broken in /home)
#6708     FIN    cjb         (new pippy to deal with moved tamtam)
#6689     ESC    cscott      (provide means to customize ~olpc/.i18n)
#6475     FIN    morgs       (pull in new pippy required by salut changes in #6299) fixed in build-700, Pippy-19.xo
#6521     TST    Nat         (tam tam has new translations)
#5036     STK    kreneskyp   (Master build addition of Watch & Listen activity)
#4593     MSG    kreneskyp   (localization for Watch and listen, blocked on #5036)

Key: ??? - status or author unknown
     TST - needs to be tested in a build
     BLD - needs to be put into a build
     PKG - pkg needs to be built
     DBG - debugging/diagnosis still needed
     STK - stuck; a decision is needed about how to proceed
     SGN - a signoff is needed
     ESC - canceled or siginificantly reduced in priority
     FIN - successfully finished
     MSG - communication needed

See [1] for the next piece of work.