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This command is run in the standard Linux environment via the Terminal Activity. The GUI will probably not integrate comfortably with the XO Laptop's Sugar environment. Your user experience may vary considerably depending on the established environment and the other programs running on the laptop, may need re-installation after an OS Update. See the Linux software category for other commands.

Streamed Internet Radio: Streamtuner

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It's intention is to show how to install a stream internet radio application on your OLPC. The only one easy to use I have found is Streamtuner, by: Jean-Yves Lefort [] found here: However, you should also know that this application is no longer supported. :(


This requires an internet connection, and some terminal activity...

In addition, Streamtuner requires (by default): Audacious (2.9 M) But if you already have Xmms installed that is much better, since I have MP3 working properly in that program. I have not been able to get Audacious to work with mp3 decoder/plugin... [Any suggestions?]

# yum install xmms


# yum install audacious

First you need to install the Repository Key (not strictly necessary) from:

# wget
# rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY.endur

Then you need to install the repositry RPM:

# rpm -i

And then the Streamtuner itself from:

# rpm -i
# yum install streamtuner

somewhere along the lines above you will get a dependency error for audicious. I instead recommend to force the streamtuner installation without Audicious and intstall Xmms instead.

# rpm --nodeps -i XXXXX


Start strematuner at least once to get the config files in place.

Edit the configuration file: ~/.streamtuner/config

You can then replace any occasion of "audicious" with "xmms".

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