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This command is run in the standard Linux environment via the Terminal Activity. The GUI will probably not integrate comfortably with the XO Laptop's Sugar environment. Your user experience may vary considerably depending on the established environment and the other programs running on the laptop, may need re-installation after an OS Update. See the Linux software category for other commands.

What is it?

Sudo is a command that must be typed in at the terminal activity or a console. It means Super-User Do. You need to use it before other commands that require you to be a privileged user or root. If you try a command and it says you don't have the privileges needed, you probably need to sudo.

As the root user is going away in upcoming builds this is important to remember.

The sudo command is not installed in the version installed with the Give-one-get-one program; use root instead.

su, sudo, or root ?

These three commands can be used to accomplish the same basic thing (managing privileges). Below is a table showing which commands work on which version of the OS.

Usable super-user commands per build
Build su sudo root
pre-G1G1 builds yes no yes
G1G1 builds yes no yes
joyride builds no no yes

Many instructions on this wiki tell you to type in su in the terminal before further commands. If your version does not have su, you should (preferably) put 'sudo' at the beginning of each line in further commands.

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