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  Sugar Almanac

Class: PresenceService (gobject.GObject)

What are some of the properties of a shared activity that I can extract using a reference to the presence Activity object?

The Activity class in presence has several GObject properties that can be accessed using the get_property() method on the activity object. The code below shows how some of these properties are accessed and printed.

    #### Method: _print_activity_props, which prints some basic activity properties
    # made available in sugar.presence.activity.Activity
    def _print_activity_props(self, activity):
        print activity.get_property('id') 
        print activity.get_property('name') #e.g. 'Turtle Activity'
        print activity.get_property('tags')
        print activity.get_property('color') 
        print activity.get_property('type') #e.g. 'org.laptop.TurtleArtActivity'
        print activity.get_property('private') #True or false value about whether this activity is private
        print activity.get_property('joined')