Sugar Roadmap

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Just a random dump. Perhaps items should be given an estimated effort, ranked by importance, put into a hierarchy, linked to trac tickets, distributed in OLPC milestones...

  • Key bindings for:
    • toolbox tabs, buttons and actions in palettes
    • ebook mode
  • Cursor auto-hiding. (Trac #2954)
  • New Home view and Frame design.
    • Move devices and running activities to the frame.
    • Move activity launchers to the donut.
    • Add a activity list view.
    • Eben, can you add a link to a page with the new mockups?
  • Control panel UI.(important parts: activation, language, keyboard)
  • Modal dialogs.
    • Fade out effect for modal dialogs.
  • Performance
    • Improve python activity startup.
    • Improve Sugar boot time.
    • Improve memory usage of python activities.
    • Reduce memory usage of the shell: perhaps merging the journal and shellservice processes?
    • Use composition so redraws are smoother. We'll consume some more memory. See how matchbox 2 can help on this.
  • Improve frame activation. hot corners (Trac #5629)
  • palette persist over zoom levels (Trac #4084)
  • add pylint config/cleanup (Trac #560)
  • Implement grab/drag key support (Trac #447)

Journal and Datastore


  • cleanup / pylint
  • cleanup sharing code
  • bookmarks
  • offline
  • tabs
  • right mouse click options


  • Media player activity.