Sugar TODO

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  • Implement object types system.
  • Implement palette.
  • Fix toolbox style when tabs are turned off.
  • Move downloads to the notification area.


  • Resolve the gtkmozembed mess.
  • Split out to his own package.
  • Convenient DOM events API (based on pyxpcom).


  • Basic ops < 0.1 sec
  • Run tests from the makefiles


  • Fix and complete the mesh view layout manager.


  • Preview images in the rollover.


  • Entries renaming.
  • Startup the journal when clicking on the icon in the donut.
  • Fix the toolbars UI mess.
  • Filtering and fulltext search.
  • Previews.


  • Autosave also by a timeout (now it saves on focus-out and on close).
  • Fix the toolbars UI mess.

Chat activity

  • Redesign to launch it from the mesh view

Call activity

  • Redesign to launch it from the mesh view

Connect 4

  • Clean up to use sugar's API as much as possible (instead of TP API) (smcv)

Activity sharing

PS & Sugar

  • write an easy API for tubes (smcv: in progress)
  • make the PS use salut
  • allow inviting without sharing (currently the PS only creates a MUC when you share)
  • implement group sharing


  • review tubes branches (Robot101)
  • implement p2p tubes (OOB ?) (Cassidy)
  • implement stream tubes (Cassidy)


  • sort out the authentication of our JIDs on the server with OLPC keys
  • sign/verify salut presence adverts
  • implement org.laptop.Telepathy.ActivityProperties
  • implement tubes
  • implement jingle calls

Server side

  • fix XMPP scalability issues with a server component
    • keep a registry of activities so we can get the activity id and name from a central place
    • revisit activity enumeration, so we can do "find me activities of type $foo", or "get me some activities to fill up the mesh view"
    • revisit buddy enumeration, so we don't need the shared roster hack. it's possible that we should just find random people by finding random activities, and not worry about "get be some buddies to fill up the mesh view".
    • provide a solution for mutual groups?