Sugar demo 1

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Mesh chat
Web page sharing
Writing an activity


In no particular order:


  • No icons on OLPC
  • No cursors on OLPC
  • Fix sugar distcheck
  • async XML-RPC client object
  • Commit olpc-artwork somewhere. Not for demo but I need to remember :)


  • Colors in sketches
  • Emoticons
  • People pictures
  • Line drawing thickness difference in chat and editor
  • Drawing needs to start on the ButtonPress event, not the MotionNotify
  • Close clear sketch on send
  • Crash without ~/.sugar
  • Nicely-formatted People Pictures (Buddy Icons) in chat area
  • Fixup chat scrolling
  • 1 pixel difference between editor and view


  • Crashes (no profile). Reliably on
  • Can't share web pages
  • Show feedback when you are in another tab and the shared page change


  • Sugar release and new image
  • On which page we demo?
  • Do we demo creating an activity? (we have a gmail one in examples/)