Sugar demo 3

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The target date for completion is 21 July 2006.

To do

  • Merge task switching and the everyone page activities list into my home window. Experiment visual ideas.
  • Refactor activity sharing to follow the new "default on" model
  • Show the buddies window (with chat collapsed) for a few seconds when creating or activating an activity.
  • Write the new "..." menu. Web search should be moved there.
  • Write my blog, probably just private for demo 3
  • Turn the presence service in a DBUS service, to simplify the code and decrease network usage.
  • Fix the misuse of zeroconf service types.
  • Define an API that makes straight forward the most common case: activity specific service browing.
  • Improve multi cast reliability. The use case is out of school small groups of kids.
  • Start defining contributors development tools (build, coding, testing)
  • Teach a bunch of things to my bots -- marco

To define

  • Are we going to write some sort of simple music activity that showcases CSound?
  • We might be able to integrate some sort of writing activity by Erik


  • It should not be necessary to write a Shell per each activity to manage multiple activities in the same process.
  • Abstract activity construction.
  • Setup translations
  • Cleanup the Shell code -- marco
  • Refactor window management for the new design.
  • Merge the presence window and the chat -> buddies window

See Sugar architecture review 1 and Sugar design review 3 for an higher level introduction to the demo goals.