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XO Support

RTFM reworking

The purpose of this page is to allow collaborative reworking of the RTFM template responses by the support gang crew.

The sections below (one per topic) all have this structure.

  • Comment This is where comments like merge with #22 or out-dated, delete should go
  • CLASS = (OLPCFAQ or Volunteer) I don't think we are using these effectively
  • OLD TITLE = This is the title as it exists
  • OLD TITLE2 = Some have sub-titles that can be important in picking between similar, but different responses
  • OLD TEXT = The text that currently exists
  • NEW TITLE = Some titles could use reworking to be more standard or more informative
  • NEW TEXT = Some topics need to be reworded entirely.

Top-level reorg ideas

NEW TITLE's for all entries

  • using a BIGCATEGORY / Subinformation / detail structure.
  • The currently proposed big categories are
    • OLPC
    • G1G1
    • USAGE
    • RMA