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Sunday, Feb 10 2008, 4-6PM EST


Community Support Volunteers confirmed: (please add your name if we missed you!)

  • John Webster (Arizona)
  • Alan Claver (Pennsylvania)
  • Seth Woodworth (New York / Oregon)
  • Aaron Konstam (Texas)
  • Kate Davis (Middletown, CT)
  • Mel Chua (New Jersey, NYC) (only on irc)
  • ixo (Bellingham, WA)
  • Ian Daniher (Ohio)
  • Sebastian Silva (Lima, Peru)
  • FFM (Virginia)
  • Sandy Culver (Massachusetts)
  • Greg Babbing (New Hampshire)
  • Sebastian (Peru)
  • Others ?


  • Adam Holt (1CC, Support Gangster in Chief)
  • Henry Hardy (1CC)
  • Kim Quirk (1CC)
  • SJ Klein (1CC)
  • Greg Babbin (1CC)
  • Arjun Sarwal (1CC)
  • Andriani Ferti (1CC)

Not confirmed:

  • Katherine Elliott (Massachusetts)

TOPIC: Guest Speaker Henry Hardy, new employee from Ohio/Michigan

     (which is mentioned in !)
  • What he (OLPC's new SysAdmin) intends to bring to OLPC
  • Why OLPC genuinely need a Historian. How _you_ might help.
  • Aaron Konstam mentions SAGE.

TOPIC: Billing/Shipping True Love.

  • Kim and Adam summarized where we're at, and how we're approaching the March finishing line.

TOPIC: Paper Letters.

  • Why our team need only answer those paper letters that include email addresses.


  • Reorg into 4 working groups - 1 leader for each group, still in flux, leaders being sought.
  • (rest of notes lost)

TOPIC: pushing out update.1 (build 656)....

  • Urgent need, fix for battery issues...
    • likely resolve alot of reported battery issues out there.
    • Best before 30 day warranty expires.
  • Warning: will uninstall non-Sugar Activity, addins, etc..... "
    • What's the best method for letting users know ?
  • ffm/Phil have an install flash script which may help.
  • Kate mentions, a new release of olpc-update, may resolve 'non-standard' addons, and search path.
  • [Action item] ffm will update wiki flash page, to install flash 'best method'.
  • Kim confirmed, auto updates , will create alt image.... for revert.... Boot-O image available
  • If you want to participate, with auto-update,

TOPIC: Peru implementation

  • Sebastian talking about Peru, Walter Bender will be down there next week...
  • support-gang is a good resource for issue triage / supplementary support...
  • Kim suggestion: gather together grassroots people from surrounding area,
    • During the visit, and bring people together... to help create local support structure.
    • OLPC can't provide resources for coordinating Peru grassroots or people.
    • Encourage people in the area to come together and create something.
    • Possible forum could be setup by volunteers in US, for Peru...
    • Idea: setup a separate email address alongside of 'help@' (ayuda@laptop ?), for keeping Spanish / South American FAQ/RFTM straight and not-confusing.
  • Thoughts about wiki and language integration
    • Is separate Wiki needed for Peru (or language?) -- most people agree - NO. (only if demand requires it)
    • Continue with current translation efforts.
  • Suggestion: Sebastian (Peru) and Xavi (Argentina) coordinate together some espanol resources for both countries.
  • wiki/language discussion taken off line for later discussion between ffm, Kim, etc..

TOPIC: RT Feeping Creaturism

  • Need review of automated reply template that SJ edited and Adam reverted
  • Suggestions:
    • Adding more info on first page, like tracking #, etc . . .
    • Try avoiding promising too much to customers, already promised too much
    • More than one category on ticket.."
    • Work on quality, avoid speeding through as many as you can...
    • Keep an eye on RMA tickets, make sure less than 30 days.

TOPIC: Speak Their Minds - What was YOUR toughest challenge this week?

  • Mchua: Speaking my mind: Toughest challenge == lack of transcript in this call, hard for me to get information otherwise ;)
  • Holt: Last week's 1-time experiment with live transcript failed dramatically. Despite extensive precautions on my part and others'.
  • SJ: toughest challenge: finding out what /everyone else/ was up to
  • SJ: suggestion.. encourage others to do Week in Review..... nice record... of what's happening in small bits..
    • looks great and self acknowledgement of what you've been working on.
    • Still clarifing exact format or location, but under your own User namespace page is good start.
    • Encourage others for clear communication on what's going on and where.
  • ixo: would be nice to see some stats/numbers on volunteers active, and how many hours donated to OLPC
    • Idea: Each volunteer login centrally, track hours in week/month donated, descriptions generic, details optional
    • Good method to also be able to ack volunteer work and stats.

TOPIC: Donor receipts for Laptops.

  • Can call Donor services for official receipt.

TOPIC: Weekly Zine launch:

  • ixo: Current update, is that first issue is almost ready to go. Last articles, put in today.
    • 'public soft release' monday morning in english, with translations soon behind it within 24/36 hours.
    • Seth / isforinsects, and others have pulled together a great collection of items, and fleshing out quite nicely.
  • ffm: is not quite ready to go, still waiting on a few configuration settings.
  • MChua: Some futher ideas on structure for future issues.

TOPIC: Documentation update

  • mchua: Template:Grassroots group and Template:Project have been made, pls use
    • Chris Carrick from Olin has a team that's looking at OLPC wiki usability for their class...
    • ..crazy-chris and I and possibly others are doing a hackathon session on organizing pilots-related wiki stuff this thursday,
    • ..possibly trying to start a "how to run a pilot" handbook and finding existing pilots to help fill it in

TOPIC: Funds Development.

  • Stay posted. Thanks for all your great ideas this week!

TOPIC: Vesna/Holt/SJ on "Social Cartography" (skimmed quickly over)

Minutes THANKS to

  • ixo (last minute secretary, typing one handed while holding the phone w/oher)
  • ffm (briefly filled in, while ixo took a break)

Briefly edited for clearity by Holt.