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XO Design


We should create some t-shirts which attract potential volunteers.

There are places with high densities of potential OLPC volunteers. Cambridge MA, campuses, conferences, etc. It might be nice to have "wearable advertising" for them. The next best thing to visibly carrying an XO. Something which brings potential volunteers forward, to talk, and potentially be hooked in.

  • http://dev.laptop.org/~cscott/ul_warning.png , and the real one.
  • "XO", like the current shirts.
  • olpc logo
  • Picture of a laptop.
  • Lots of colorful "xo"s, like in neighborhood view. Intended to have more "social" appeal.
  • Variously arranged colorful "xo"'s. Eg, a faded "could be anyone" gray one in the middle with lot's around it in circles.
  • G1G1 "My other laptop is in...". Maybe literally three dots, and a photo of the Earth.
  • Photo of a disassembled laptop, plus a phrase. "I got it back together!"?
  • Individualized shirts.
  • Individualized - picture of a laptop showing a photo taken with the laptop.
  • Something for groups (eg, classes who get laptops). Or who use emulation.
  • Check-off t-shirt: "I've collaborated with people in " plus world map with checkoff boxes for continents or countries.
Help change the world!
<picture of laptop>
Per  <picture>
One10 million Laptops Per ^10 million Children

10-million draft

Another alternative could be:

100 million kids are entering primary school this year.
Help us.
300 thousand kids entered primary school today.
300 thousand kids entered primary school yesterday.
300 thousand kids will enter primary school tomorrow.
2 million kids will enter primary school this week.
10 million/month.
  300 thousand children
start primary school today.
     And tommorow.
Oblique photo of laptop, in front of Earth.

Including wiki.laptop.org might be useful, or not. It might reduce the number of people who come forward to talk.

The following is too long for a T-Shirt, but I'm not sure where else on the wiki to put it.

There are as many infants and toddlers in the world, age 3 and under,
as there are people in the US.
Three years from now, most will start primary school.
It can look like
  this <chalkboard and oral repetition>
 or this <xo's> [1]

Another idea would be along the lines of,"Help bring <picture of X> and <picture of O> to the <picture of the world> then show the OLPC donation address below.



A T-shirt might be made with low effort through something like CafePress (I've no experience with them). Or locally.

Many OLPC gadgets, coffee cups, buttons, T-shirts, ... Use their search function.

I work with CafePress for a nonprofit, Friends of Lesotho, and it's a great way to print t-shirts. (You can see our CafePress store at Friends of Lesotho online store.) You can order just 1, or 10, or 100. There's no inventory to worry about because they print only what is ordered, at the time of the order. You can buy it for yourself at cost or you can sell to others with a markup. It's all online, so anybody can shop at your store.

I think the items on CafePress are a bit pricey though. And you have to be really careful about how you size images, but they have info and templates to help. You can also customize and sell a variety of other items like mugs, mousepads, calendars, gift cards, tote bags, etc. I think their basic shop is free. If you go pro, it's about US$7 a month. If anybody wants to go this route, let me know and I'll help you get started. Janissa 02:01, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

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