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I have been interested in the OLPC project for some time. I can understand the initial reluctance to make the OLPC a worldwide phenomenon - the developed world doesn't need this machine.

But then a more interesting phenomenon might occur if it was: consider making the OLPC available to all (with some proviso for those making an individual purchase are making a donation towards distributing the OLPC in less developed countries).

Suddenly, everyone has one - if everyone has one there is no need to steal one - no grey market, no black market...

And suddenly the world has something in common. Don't make OLPC users into a ghetto of 'cheap' computer handouts or worse feeling 'grateful' for crumbs from the developed world's table... Make it universal, and make the world universal.

As a laptop and as a design it could be a true mobile computing device for all. No matter who you are or where you live