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"This is not a conventional aid project where smart rich outsiders go and do their bit for the poor downtrodden natives and then run back home to mama."

I certainly can understand and appreciate the wisdom of allowing local teachers, technicians and the children themselves to take ownership of the project and make it their own. However, I must say the sentence above comes across as a needlessly cynical take on the motives of many technical volunteers from developed countries who may simply wish to do whatever they can to help make OLPC a reality. After all, isn't the Project itself already an initiative of "smart rich outsiders" who wish to "do their bit" for humanity?

I hope there will be a place in the future for volunteers who sincerely wish to help in whatever way is most appropriate, as OLPC is certainly a great and worthy initiative.

Buy 2 Get 1

If this indeed the case, why did I hear this statement from Mr. Negroponte's own mouth on 60 Minutes this past Sunday (Aug 26, 2007)? My daughter loved the idea so much she said she would send them both overseas! So please do not say it is plain wrong when the idea came from the founder himself.

I heard it too on 60 minutes this past sunday.I was looking forward to it.I have 4 kids and would have done the buy 8 and 4 be sent over.Heck I was going to buy 5 one for my husband's nephew plus my 4.That would have been 5 for overseas.Guess that one laptop for every child should be changed.To one laptop for every child BUT the ones that live in the USA.

This is likely a rerun of the segment that 60 Minutes ran in May. The only part that refers to the buy-2-get-1 plan is right at the end, where the reporter quotes Negroponte out of context. Read the article linked in the "Buy 2 Get 1" section; the buy-2-get-1 plan is only one of several considered for 2008 or later. In other words: it is not happening now and might not happen at all. —Joe 13:10, 1 September 2007 (EDT)
Will the wiki be updated now? No wiki entries here (this + Retail page) or on Wikipedia seem to confirm this, despite that is now displaying this 'plain wrong' idea boldly on its opening page? Many thanks -Nick