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3000 laptops, a good beginning

Three thousand laptops are a good beginning. I'm sure that, when these are successfully deployed, we can then clearly make a case for a million laptops. Don't you reckon?


  • 3.000 laptops, that's a 20 foot container --SvenAERTS 10:59, 3 August 2013 (UTC)

SeriousGames@Google: PlayForward: Using Games to Improve Adolescent Health - YouTube HIV/Risk Behaviour prevention at younger age

You're going to find this very interesting and usefull:


Play2Prevent is a new initiative aimed at forging collaborations and partnerships between scientists, educators, video game designers/developers, community based organizations and others. Based at Yale University, Play2Prevent builds on the evolving and expanding area of "serious games", a field defined as videogames or versions of videogames intended for use outside of entertainment, for example, in the fields of education or health.

Play2Prevent's first game is PlayForward: Elm City Stories. Currently part of a randomized clinical trial, PlayForward is an interactive world in which the player "travels" through life, facing challenges and making decisions that bring different risks and benefits. The player is able to see how important choices in risky settings can affect their lives. In the game players learn how negotiating challenges using skills they acquire in PlayForward can translate to real life providing them with positive health skills that can decrease their risk for STDs including HIV.

As games move beyond entertainment, new best practices in design, are being established that combine best approaches established in commercial entertainment games with the special needs of games for areas like health behavior change. During this talk members of the PlayForward production and research team will present the project including its underlying science along with how they learned to blend together practices and experts from games, health, to create a novel health intervention. " --SvenAERTS 11:00, 3 August 2013 (UTC)