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SAID-TOGO is a non profit, non governmental and apolitical association that promotes capacity building for craftsmen in working with the latest devices of Information Technology. SAID TOGO is offering Togolese craftsmen, an exceptional opportunity which will help them to demystify computer and its accessories as well as information technology as a whole. The main philosophy behind our ideology is to promote a complete change of mind and to build capacity for craft industry in Africa , in order to allow considerable independence in various aspects of life. This goal can only be achieved through training programs, capacity building initiatives, empowerment of youth, and institutional restructuration.

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Cel:+228 902 82 89
Tel:+228 235 63 29
BP: 62173 Lomé-TOGO

SAID-TOGO promotes training and spreading of IT knowledge en youth’s favour in the world and specially those in need so that their integrations to the active life should be facilitated in the world and in Togo, while QUIBB 2006 survey shows that most unemployment’s source remain the lack of job. Computer links of craftsmen sector is wishing:

to promote the craftsmen sector to initiate Togolese artisans to the use of ICT ( software, Internet)