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Does "globally" mean that Amazon will ship to any country? (Canada is a good first step :)

Unfortunately, while they ship books to some 200 countries, delicate electronics with wireless are another matter. The initial rollout will be to US addresses only.

But what does "countries" mean

"first of a set of staggered rollouts in different countries."

Are we talking states of the US, or countries as defined by the UN? And which countries, when?

What about Canada?

Hardware differences

Are there any from 2007 G1G1?

When does it end?

When does it end? yes - this is important. Does it end on Dec 31, 2008? or just the advertising? If it continues, has Amazon committed to continue their participation past Dec. 31?


It is extremely disappointing to discover that OLPC does not value Canadian participation in G1G1 2008. I discussed the situation with one of the support reps a number of weeks ago and was (mis)informed that would be the sole fulfillment supplier. I now discover that is participating as well, and interestingly, will ship to Canada for a huge markup and shipping fee.

Is there a reason that the same opportunity was not arrived at with (or eBay or Yahoo or some other Internet fulfillment provider)?

start 17.01.2009?

Someone asked what is? Would be very interested in an answer.

Obsolete / Deprecated Page?

Presuming the G1G1'08 is done, shouldn't this be marked as per G1G1'07: Give1Get1

G1G1 Other Countries

What about 'Getting' laptops in other countries. There's numerous references to Canadians wanting to get in on the program. Assuming G1G1'09 is ramping up soon, is Canada going to be included this year? How about other nations?