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Trac component?

I propose that the bugs on the Grassroots problems page go into a Trac component on, and that the Community ambassador bugmaster for it. This does several things.

  • Promotes clear problem statements - instead of musing about how we should do X, or wouldn't it be great if we had Y, we have clear problems to solve that people can tackle
  • Enables the community ambassador(s) to keep track of what's needed and what's being done
  • Denotes clear responsibility for who's working on what grassroots/community facilitation tasks
  • A good to-do list for "how can I help?" newcomers
  • Elevates community work to the concreteness and visibility level of technical problems
  • Emphasizes the difference between "global" and "local" solutions to problems - the only things that would go in this bug tracker would be global community issues, so people would be encouraged to think about broadening the impact of their work
  • Creates a trail of documentation on how we're working through our growing community issues - valuable information to learn from, useful for us now, us in the future, and other groups in the future.
  • This list is unfinished - I had other reasons somewhere in my brain, but am too tired right now to recall them. Will add more if I remember.