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Notes from 2011

Brainstorming during the Meeting on 21 October 2011

  • decide on audience: basics for all -> teachers, pupils, parents
  • what to include
  • needed: manual not just for Haiti, making it more accessible, how to do that
  • slideshow approach -> make different language audio tracks, also needs different language screenshots
  • add four-finger salute
  • collecting existing documentation: including for example the latest Peruvian manual
  • chat as an example of collaboration
  • Memorize documentation
  • Maze -> include "why to teach this thing"
  • recommended approach
  • basics: learn the interface
  • Speak
  • progression levels
  • ...more specific & comprehensive Activity manuals
  • juggling / hammer on head / metaphors
  • content / how to do it / rationale (3 levels for teachers)
  • stylus feature: how to tell when you can use it, what you can use it for
  • Acknowledgement: depends on XO version, software build -> "about this manual" section (incl. limitations)
  • including FAQs for each section & each chapter (at the end)
  • contact information (depending on country)
  • how-to add something to Flossmanuals
  • presentation, structure, orders, labels -> organization needed
  • add glossary chapter (see Glossary)
  • documentation styleguide: consistency is important (!)
  • importance of simple + clear language
  • potential todo: simply language + presentation