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I don't understand exactly what we have here. Is this the original, two-dimensional "SimCity Classic" from the 1980s, or something much more recent? What commercial product is its closest analog?

Micropolis originates from the same code base as the original SimCity. The lineage as I understand it is: SimCity classic (for Macintosh) -> SimCity for X11 -> SimCity for XO -> Micropolis, where Will Wright wrote the original game and Don Hopkins was responsible for the subsequent ports. SimCity for X11 was a commercial product, so I guess that's the closest commercial analogue. The basic gameplay of Micropolis is currently the same as the original SimCity, although it sounds like Don has a big list of potential improvements. —Joe 16:26, 10 March 2008 (EDT)

I removed this anonymous remark that made me laugh: "(Quite a bit of these features, ie the agents and driving bulldozers seem almost unimplementable)". Obvious this person has never seen eToys running on the OLPC, or Robot Odyssey running on the Apple ][, and doesn't realize that the OLPC has a lot more processing power and graphical capability that an Apple ][. :) -Don

I have a request. I have no knowledge of programming and programming applicatioins. Is there a simple install of Micropolis that I can run to play the game? If so, please email me