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Children and inexperienced users are a primary audience, but there are other secondary audiences, too:

- Teachers and parents (not necessarily tech savvy)
- Tech support (maintaining remote servers, troubleshooting/diagnosing technical problems with laptops, servers and the mesh)
- Educational curriculum developers (on-site, remote, etc.)
- Hackers (not part of the program's mission, but may want to play/contribute)
    Note that this is the source of the apps.

Also: what about assistive technologies?

- Hearing impaired (visual cues along with audible ones)
- Vision impaired (partial and total)
- People with manual dexterity/mobility issues

Western icons

Replacing the Western icons is like replacing the English text with Esparanto.

That's a really gross error, because it damages usability in areas where Western icons are proper.

Western icons can be translated with gettext(). Alternately, as is done with man pages, you search locale-specific directories before searching the generic directories. Choosing at build time is another option, perhaps more appropriate for a small device.

Tux Paint is already doing this for sounds. I think it's being done for stamp images as well.

AlbertCahalan 00:55, 2 March 2007 (EST)