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“Sorting by artist, then album, then track she can obtain a traditional view of her music. In order to view a discography for each artist, on the other hand, she could sort by artist, then by album, then by track.” Er… that’s not actually very flexible at all.

need to publicize this at the openinig page of the OLPC WIKI

As a new user of OLPC I was completely disoriented. I didn't realize I was being dropped into a whole new UI paradigm. Through the processes of just playing around w/ the machine it gradually dawned on me that ingrained notions of how a UI ought to behave did not apply. That's what caused me to dig down to find a page (this one--hey, where's the link?) which relates the world that I know to the one I'm trying to know. It needs to have much greater visibility. Without this background, people can easily become frustrated when the experience does not comport w/ what they're used to.